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Compression Springs

Manufactured from round, square or rectangular material, ferrous or nonferrous, furnished with ground or unground ends. [Wire size: Min. = 0.005" Max. = 0.250"]

Extension Springs

Types of ends include Machine Half and Full loops, Full loops over center or on the side, Double twisted, Crossover Swivel, or Extended loops to specifications. [Wire size: Min. = 0.010" Max. = 0.250"]

Torsion Springs

Unlimited end configurations are achievable with the use of multidirectional forming slides. [Wire size: Min. = 0.008" Max. = 0.250"]

Double Torsion Springs

Automatic coiling assures accuracy and cost savings. Straight torsion ends or formed to your exact requirements. [Wire size: Min. = 0.010" Max. = 0.250"]

Fourslide Wire and Strip Forming

Complete in-house tooling assures on time delivery at highly competitive pricing. Fabrication from strip 0.005" to 0.125" thick and from 0.025" to 2.000" wide or wire up to 0.250" in diameter.

Wire Forms

The thousands of wire forms made through the years provide a fund of practical short-cuts and improvisations which are frequently time and money-saving. Parts can be fabricated from 0.008" through 0.250" diameter wire in any temper.

Wire Rings

Fully automatic CNC controlled ring coiling. Buttwelded or Open. OD's from 1/2" to 36". All materials from .062" to .375". Short run to high volume. Promt quotations.

Metal Stamping

Our wide array of specialized equipment with stamping pressures to 60 tons can effectively handle your requirements. Blanking, forming, plus secondary operations on material up to 5/32" thick.
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